Awww I know what you mean by crazy cloud, don't you feel like it'll take three weeks to catch up on sleep after exams?! I'm sure you'll have done really well though and Sicily will seem even better because of it! What do you like about Amsterdam? And please please please come to Oxford, if you're up for it maybe we could meet up? Of course I'd understand if you don't want to :3 my exams are still going, but two weeks left only! And then SLEEP and tumblr and tv and movies, so excited! :)

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Yep. Sleep… What a nice idea. (I just woke up at 5 because I’m touring with my band this weekend ugh).
Amsterdam is the perfect blend between the canals of Venice and the buildings of Oxford with museums stuffed with amazing art and tiny streets with wonderful cafes and shops.
Of course we’ll meet if I come ti Oxford! I wouldn’t miss it for the world :) i’ve never really met anyone I befriended on tumblr, everyone lives so far away…
I hope you survive the two weeks, I’m sure your exams are hard… SLEEP TUMBLR SERIES BOOKS the dream yep
What unis have you applied to? Do you know if you’re accepted yet or where you’re gonna go?


"do you love the character or the person who plays them?"


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